What the Heck is a Life Coach?

You’ve heard of a loaded question, yeah? Well, this is one of those. Life Coaching has a gazillion definitions on the Internet. (I know, I’ve looked.)
Also, this answer depends on who you ask. Since this is my blog, I’m going to answer like you asked me.

But first, real quick, my journey into becoming a Life Coach:

In January 2017, my workplace had a two-day training session where we learned about the DISC Behavior Model, and we also got a basic intro to life coaching. This was to help us communicate better as a staff using our DISC profiles and coaching our peers through conflicts. The DISC assessment blew my mind, and I immediately fell in love with the life coaching process. The knowledge that we already have everything we need inside of us – that we hold all of our own answers – this was a comforting thought, and I just knew it to be true. I felt it in my bones.

Fast-forward to the summer of 2017, and I began my 18-month process of taking life coaching courses online. (These were all done via Zoom which totally prepared me for this quarantine time.) I learned from our group class setting and we had {many} peer coaching sessions to practice the techniques we learned; and the more I coached, the more I found this process to be natural and true. I loved coaching just as much as I loved being coached! One of my last classes involved me coaching my instructor – talk about sweating bullets!! This woman was the epitome of calm, and she had been coaching every single day for years. The amazing thing: this process works, no matter who you coach. I passed with flying colors.

So, what the heck is a Life Coach?

  • As your coach, I ask questions, listen, and observe. Much like a sports coach, I do not do the work for you. I see what you’ve already got inside, your natural talents & passions, and I simply help you discover and love on them! Self-discovery is one of my favorite things to witness with my clients. Their “aha!” moments come across on their faces and in their body movements. It’s an honor to be a part of this process with you.
  • Working together, our process is to move you forward with intention + action. While your past isn’t “off limits”, it is not our focus.
  • If I had to choose two words to describe what a life coach will bring to your life: clarity + accountability. We’ll get clear on your life goals and develop your plan of action with built-in accountability. Don’t let that word scare you – I promise, I’m nice!
  • I will encourage you and cheer you on; but I will not give you advice. I am not a therapist or a counselor. I am not trauma certified.
  • My job, as your coach, is to be objective, supportive, and observant. It’s not my job to tell you “that’s a stupid idea”.

The beautiful part of coaching: we can start where you are right now. You’ve got NO idea what your next step is or what your passions are? That’s ok – we’ll jump in and figure that out together. Or maybe you’re already on a path that you love; but you need clarity & accountability for the next steps, then that’s where we’ll start!

Life is crazy right now (05/07/2020); but no matter the circumstance, the only way out is through.

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