What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?

What is Reiki and how do you pronounce it? Those were my questions when the word Reiki started popping up. It took years before I even knew how to say it! Having received my Reiki Level I & II placements, and now offering this healing modality in my practice, I know I’ll get these same questions. Insert convenient blog post.

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese energy-healing technique for relaxation and stress-reduction as well as healing. The word Reiki comes from Japanese kanji (their written language), the “Rei” meaning Spiritual Wisdom; and the “Ki” meaning Life Energy. Reiki tends to your lifeforce energy; and when your energy is flowing without interruption, your body’s ability to self-heal is greatly increased. Reiki healers use gentle touch to channel this universal lifeforce energy to improve the flow & balance of your energy to support healing.

Benefits of Reiki

Imagine feeling relaxed. Calm. Stress-relieved. Invigorated. Joyful, even. Reiki healing encourages a state of relaxation that allows your stress responses to clear which opens up feelings of wholeness, calm, and acceptance.

Our bodies, and our energetic auras, often hold onto situations, experiences, and feelings that can block our energy. Unfortunately, a lot of us hold onto anxiety, anger, and trauma without realizing that we do so. This can manifest physically and emotionally in our bodies.

Reiki encourages you to relax and reduces your stress response as well as promotes spiritual growth. It opens the path to love, acceptance and an overall sense of wellness to peacefully move through life’s challenges.

There are many benefits of Reiki; here is a small list:

  • Peace and deep relaxation
  • Better sleep
  • Reduced stress + tension
  • Stimulate your body’s immune system
  • Increased feelings of joy, calm, and satisfaction
  • Emotional relief
  • Spiritual growth + self-discovery
  • Empowers healthy thought habits

What does a Reiki session look like?

Every Reiki healer has their own style. With some healers, your session will be completely silent. With others, like me, there is more of a conversational approach. I am a certified life coach, and it’s natural for me to engage with my clients with questions when I feel something come up.

In-person sessions: these sessions take place in my studio in Decorah, Iowa. They’re about roughly 60-90 minutes long. After a short intake session, you’ll get onto my Reiki (massage) table, fully clothed; and we’ll have the lights dimmed with a little background music. I’ve got a soft blanket in case your temperature fluctuates, which can happen when working with your energy. Using very light touch & hand placements, I’ll work on the areas that need my attention.

Distance sessions: these sessions can take place anywhere; and they’re also about an hour-or-so long. I access your energy field, with your permission; and I work through your chakras like I would during an in-person session. You don’t even have to be present for a distance session. After your session, we’ll chat on the phone and go over the results of the session.

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