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Sharing my DISC journey is one of my very favorite things to do. Why? Well, that’s when my life began to change, to turn around… and I began to heal. To tell you that I am DISC certified is one thing; but I hope by knowing my DISC journey, you’ll get to know me a little better.

In January 2017, I worked for my church in Washington state. We had a two-day staff training, and beforehand, we all took the DISC + 12 Driving Forces assessments. We received our assessment results via email a few days before our training. I had taken {many} free assessments before this day; but wow – this 46 page report was all about ME; and you guys, it was accurate.

On day one, we had a trainer, the amazing Terry Gurno, come in; and he taught us all about the DISC behavior model. I wouldn’t say I was a fantastic student in school; but with this information, I was hooked. I soaked up every word.

Now, I’ll say this: learning about my behavior style & patterns was mind-blowing. The phrase “aha moment” does not even touch the mindset shifts that began to occur. We often try to understand others; but we do not often take the time to truly understand who WE are. I don’t even know how many times I poured-through my report. (So. Many. Times.)

BUT THEN, we did a few exercises as a group, and we learned about everyone else’s DISC profiles. This is where the actual magic happened, and I learned that discovering how other people behave + communicate was *almost* as good as learning about how I behave & communicate.

Why is this important? This quote from George Bernard Shaw sums it up nicely: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

We tend to communicate with others in the manner we prefer for communication. I am a High D, which means I am a bottom-line girl… details aren’t my thing. When I talk with someone, I bottom-line it; I get right to the point. Well, what if the person with whom I am speaking needs the details? What if details are their thing?? This communication gap can make or break your conversation, or more accurately, your understanding of the conversation.

So back to my journey – I couldn’t stop “DISCing” everyone I knew! My husband. My kids. I was absolutely fascinated with this new information, and I wanted to know what everyone around me was, too!

Fast-forward to summer of 2019. I’m now living in Minnesota, and I reach out to Terry to ask him if he offers DISC certification. Two years later, and I was still so wrapped-up in the DISC and the good it can do. I wanted to teach others this invaluable knowledge!

Here we are now, in 2020; and I am DISC certified. This feels full-circle, and I am so excited to help you learn all about your behavior style(s) and best ways of communication.

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