DISC + 12 Driving Forces: the Basics

The Internet is full of assessments, and mine’s the best one! Ok, now that I’ve grabbed your attention, I’ll tell you that my first sentence is not true. There are many assessments, yes; but they all work in different ways and they measure different aspects of your personality or behavior. I chose to get certified in the DISC + 12 Driving Forces because they helped me the most; but that certainly doesn’t invalidate other assessments. (On the Enneagram, I’m an 8w7 – to. a. tee.)

What I appreciate about these particular assessments is that they’re focused around observable behavior. To be clear, the DISC + 12 Driving Forces are not personality assessments; they’re behavior assessments. My thought around behavior, for most of my life, was that behavior was either “good” or “bad”. There’s so much more to behavior that that! These assessments helped me dig into my past behavior & decisions; and they helped me discern between my trauma-response behaviors and who I really was, at my core. This was huge y’all. Huge.

I’m going to start by giving you the very basics of these two assessments. There is a lot to these; so we start simple:

The DISC measures the “how” of your (observable) behavior. *Behavioral research suggests that the most-effective people are those who understand who they are (strengths & weaknesses) so they can meet the demands of their environment. This is one of the most effective communication tools I have seen!

The DISC assessment measures these dimensions of human behavior:
(D) How you respond to problems & challenges
(I) How you influence others to your point-of-view
(S) How you respond to the pace of the environment
(C) How you respond to rules & procedures set by others

Here are some (very basic) characteristics of each:
(D) – dominant: a challenger, competitive, driven, decisive
(I) – influence: persuasive, magnetic, enthusiastic, optimistic
(S) – steadiness: consistent, predictable, patient, relaxed
(C) – compliance: cautious, accurate, balanced judgment, systematic

A personal example of how this report helped me: I used to think my previous boss just did not like me. When I would talk to him, I felt like he couldn’t wait for me to stop talking. He was never rude; but I just got that feeling. When we learned about the DISC, I found out why I felt that way. He’s a “high D”, which means he’s a bottom-line guy. He didn’t need (or want) all of the extra fluff & details I was giving him. He wanted a straight-to-the-point conversation; instead, I was word-vomiting onto him. As a fellow “high D”, I feel this way when others try to give me alllll the details; but I hadn’t though of it from another high D’s perspective. When you know your own communication (highly linked to behavior) style, that’s mind-blowing. When you know someone else’s, that’s a game-changer.

This assessment focuses on what drives, or motivates, you. What are you passionate about? What’s important to you? The answers to these questions quite literally drive your life. There are six “drivers” that each have two approaches to describe them. I know, a little confusing. I’ll break one down for you:

One of the drivers is “Others” = this is how you relate to others. The two approaches linked to the drivers are Intentional and Altruistic.
Intentional = you are driven to help others for a specific purpose; you don’t get satisfaction from helping people “just because”.
Altruistic = you are driven to help others for the satisfaction it bring you to do so. No specific purpose needed.

Now keep in mind, neither of these approaches is “wrong” or “bad”. Here’s an personal example of how this one helped me heal and also not judge myself: for so long, I wanted to be like other people who were just so helpful! They seemed to always be doing things for others; and they were so good at it, and it made them happy. I am not like this, and I compared myself for the longest time. When I learned that I am intentional, it was a relief. Why? Because these assessments are tried & true, which told me that I was not alone in how I am… and that felt good. I am motivated by a specific purpose, and this knowledge also helps focus me when I need to reel-it-in.)

These assessments are pure gold – getting certified was a three-year dream that I held onto; because the change in my life was so beautifully obvious. Getting my certification means that I now get to walk you through your reports and help you discover your how & why. Let’s do it! You can start by taking my free quiz, which gives you a glimpse into what your behavioral style might be.

Here’s the link: https://quiz.tryinteract.com/#/5eac96337b135c001452118c


*Source: https://www.ttisi.com/five-sciences/

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