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Hi, I'm Bobbi... girl momma, lover of hot baths & afternoon naps. I laugh at my own jokes (sometimes I snort, it's fine). I enjoy crime shows, and if I were a sister from Little Women, I'd for-sure be Jo.

My passion is helping women find themselves, either again, or for the first time. So many things can throw us off of our path and trauma finds its way stuck in our bodies, making it difficult to find our way again.

My purpose is taking from my own experiences, healing practices, and ongoing education to help guide women back to themselves. I believe we women heal as a collective and each layer that we heal is felt by all women as a whole.  

i'm so glad you are here!


I've got six daughters - five of my own and one bonus daughter. #girlmomma


Pet peeve: when people go out the in door and in the out door. Just no!


My left eyebrow has a mind of her own; if you watch closely, she'll give my feelings away.


I'm the Queen of Spoonerisms. If I can mash-up two words or mix-up syllables,
I do (not on purpose!)... my fave: "watch out, Dad, the ices are roady!"


I'm an Aries through-and-through; on the DISC, I'm a High D/High I; Enneagram 8w7; Human Design Projector

a few fun facts

What I provide is a safe + positive space for you to create the life that lights you up. We'll dig into your
behaviors + motivators and get clear on what you want & where you want to go. Then we create actionable steps for you to take to reach those goals; and I am now your built-in accountability partner.

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DISC + 12 DRIVING FORCES ASSESSMENTS lay the foundation for our work together.

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This is how you'll find me at home. My favorite Costco jammies. My softest pillow. Oh, and Nickel & Suede earrings. And, after spending an hour on my (natural) curls, they go up in a bun.

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